Ampwell acquires battery software expert

Ampwell has secured a majority stake in Cellect, a battery software expert.

Founded by CEO Leon Gosh in cooperation with Arendals Fossekompani in January 2022, Cellect provides optimization of energy storage systems, monitoring of battery systems in real time, and opportunities for battery-based energy trading.

Cellect has become a key player in the battery industry by making batteries reliable and profitable using software. With an impressive portfolio of innovative battery technologies, Cellect showcases a deep understanding of industry needs.

By incorporating Cellect’s advanced battery technologies, Ampwell enhances the efficiency, reliability, and performance of its renewable energy projects, contributing to a greener future.

As global demand for energy storage increases, batteries play a vital role in balancing renewable energy sources and ensuring a stable power supply. With this acquisition, Ampwell can establish a stronger presence in this high-growth sector and become a provider of sustainable energy solutions.