Cellect Energy signs deal with Volkswagen Group Charging (Elli) 

Assisted by Ampwell, Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (Elli) starts trading on Europe’s largest power exchange.

Utilizing its second life and car batteries, Volkswagen enters the German electricity market. Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (Elli) will charge batteries when prices are low and discharge them into the electricity market when prices are high.

Energy will typically be purchased when production of renewable energy is high and typically sold when production of renewable energy is low, thus contributing to the green transition.

The basis for electricity trading is a stationary storage system, and a new, digital electricity trading platform from the Volkswagen brand Elli – a scalable blueprint that will in the future use Volkswagen’s battery assets to bring the flexibility urgently needed for a successful energy transition to the market.

Cellect, part of Ampwell, provides control of the battery asset over the trading platform, utilizing itsstandardized software interface, the Cellect API, and the hardware solution Cellect Box, eliminating integration needs for asset managers. Volue, also a portfolio company of Arendals Fossekompani, provides Volkswagen/Elli with the trading software.

“We are delighted to announce the successful execution of our very first commercial project with customer Elli – a brand of the Volkswagen Group. This project includes our Cellect Control system, which provides automated control and communication for Elli’s battery site. Going forward, the global potential for energy storage is huge, and Volkswagen will be an important reference for us,” says Leon Gosh, CEO of Cellect.

“Signing with a globally recognized brand, such as Volkswagen, is a testament to the Cellect and Ampwell technology and competence. There is tremendous potential for growth in this market and Cellect is also running pilots with other selected customers. Their solutions have generated high commercial interest in relevant market segments,” says Torkil Mogstad, CEO of Ampwell.

Giovanni Palazzo, CEO of Elli says: “Elli will significantly advance electric mobility and the energy transition. We are already Europe’s largest mobility service provider in the field of charging and energy. We want to further expand this leading position and develop Elli into a leading trading company for battery flexibility. Electricity trading is a major milestone on this path.”

Kora Töpfer, Head of German Public & Regulatory Affairs at the European Power Exchange EPEX Spot, adds: “We are pleased to welcome the Volkswagen Group and Elli as the first automotive company to trade with us on the German electricity market. Our continuously growing electricity exchange needs companies that want to get involved in trading and control the growth of renewable energies with us in order to compensate for fluctuating demand and energy supply. With Elli, our broad and diverse trading community is expanded by another significant member, for the benefit of the entire market and all trading participants.”

About Volkswagen Group Charging (Elli): 
The Elli brand, with around 350 employees, takes care of customers’ needs at the interface between energy and mobility. Elli, as part of the Volkswagen Group, offers a broad range of energy and charging solutions in Europe and acts as a mobility service provider. The current product portfolio includes charging solutions for private customers and companies – from the company’s own home chargers and the flexible fast-charging stations (Flexpoles) to charging services and innovative smart green electricity tariffs. For charging in public spaces, Elli provides digital solutions and services for a seamless charging experience. Elli, which was founded in 2018, has offices in Berlin, Wolfsburg, and Munich.

About Cellect:
From inception in January 2022 to the launch of the first commercial project in July 2023, Cellect Energy has been making significant progress. During these 18 months, Cellect developed an independent software platform to meet the need for a solution that is easy to use, compatible with all battery systems, and provides advanced monitoring and control capabilities for battery-based energy storage systems. Cellect is the only company operating in Europe that is acting as a data analytics platform while, at the same time, operating battery systems, making it a unique player in the European energy storage sector.

About Ampwell:
In 2022, Ampwell was established by Arendals Fossekompani as a battery technology company providing clean energy solutions and services designed to maximize the economic, environmental, and resiliency value of energy assets and portfolios. Ampwell combines hardware from Commeo with competence and technology from Cellect and portfolio companies Volue and ENRX, to bu        ild an eco-system for battery technology and a Battery-as-a-Service business model.