Operations and Maintenance

To maximize performance of energy storage systems you need to define and implement adequate operation and maintenance (O&M) tasks. This should be carried out by a qualified and  experienced professional team with access to the best tools on the market.

We apply our accumulated knowledge from years of experience in electrochemical, thermal and hydraulic processes in order to successfully implement the correct level of O&M tasks

Having a  data acquisition system designed with the philosophy of leveraging technology to allow access to and monitoring of information from anywhere in the world, is key. You need a simple internet connection and an internal telecommunications infrastructure installed in order to receive and send data. This is done without any personell on site. Automatization allows for information to be stored in databases for further studies.

Ampwell offers a highly specialized technical team with years of battery experience. We are trained to design, implement, commission and provide assistance in the operation and maintenance stages of any subsystems.